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St Mary & Pope Kyrillos Church




Hounslow, London

Our brief asks that we create a community focal point that will provide teaching spaces for the local church community and catering facilities to support the homeless. This extension will provide new services into a purpose-built structure which in turn will free up space within the existing community hall.

The proposal introduces a detached 3-storey building including a full basement level. The basement floor provides teaching, WC, storage & plant facilities, the ground floor provides teaching & kitchen, with the first floor providing only classrooms. 


The building offers a full visual interaction within the site complex, with large window openings & internal balconies, offering a continuous visual relationship with the open playgrounds. 

Above at first-floor level, the floor plate pivots at one end to project beyond the ground level at the opposite end in order to add extra internal space. 

Overall the building reduces height & mass at one end to respect the sightlines of residential flats behind.

Playground 3_page-0001.jpg
View from sw_page-0001.jpg
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