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Lafone Street





The client brief required an office room divider for the display of paperback telephone directories, a household item that has since become surplus to requirements as the world wide web continues to grow with online demand for data search engines.


The position of the divider is located specifically to interrupt the visibility of the reception area from the rear of the office & thereby allowing some privacy beyond this point. Key to the size of the unit is its relationship with the existing reception desk, location of door opening & ceiling.


Our brief was developed to allow for the systematic display of equal sized apertures within a grid matrix (some objects could be concealed behind doors, some exposed for viewing) within a fully collapsable brushed steel frame designed to be fabricated from independent components on site.


The project involved close collaboration with the joiner/fabricator in order to ensure compatibility throughout the system, involving three key materials: steel, oak & glass. The object is lit via concealed LED lighting.

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